What do we offer?

A well-directed tension and relaxation programme with yoga, Qi Gong, meditation, breathing and mindfulness exercises, deep relaxation, all tailored to your individual needs. Thus you have a tool which you can learn to use in your time out in everyday life.

The individual coaching should help you to focus your resources, to practice dealing with limits, to strengthen your resilience, to identify energy guzzlers outside and inside. To finally come to rest, to make peace with yourself, and much more.

"When I was in this paradise for a week, I slowly noticed that I was coming to myself again, my breath became deeper, my mood more awake and stable, it felt as if my inner being, my soul, was emerging from a deep diving station and thawing out of its solidification. The things and plants seemed to shine more again, sometimes a sudden feeling of happiness flashed up from my depth. I felt better than usual after 3 weeks of vacation."


How we work:

  • Vini-Yoga, Ayur·Yoga und Hatha Yoga
  • various relaxation methods and approaches to meditation
  • (Buddhist) mindfulness meditation
  • exercises to expand your own role repertoire
  • nature experience of a special kind, e.g. the sea, the jungle, a river
  • conversations: about: who am I? What do I want? And how do I achieve my goals efficiently?
  • concept of self-regulation and prevention and
  • overcoming burnout syndrome.


Massages: there are different offers, which will be individually agreed with you.


Do I have to have a burnout to benefit from this programme?

Our programme is also suitable in the convalescence of long illnesses, or as a personal retreat.

We are there to support you, to get to know yourself better, to strengthen your own space, to establish your limits, to work out with you methods of self-regulation that are suitable for everyday life. We also offer to stay in touch with you after your stay with us, via Internet by email and Skype if you wish.


The programme includes:

  • 4-7 x Yoga, Qi Gong, meditation per week
  • 2-4 x coaching, counselling and therapy
  • 1-2 x massages
  • Other activities: 2 x per week depending on your personal preference.


Prices on request



Doris Müller-Weith:
Yoga teacher, Gestalt therapist, Supervisor, Drama therapist, Naturopath HP


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